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  • Hi I was just checking in on the update to PHP 7.x.x
    I’ve been holding back on updating a few sites that use this amazing plugin but it looks like one of the hosting services (gd) might be having an issue with one of our sites still being on 5.6
    I’m stuck on hold at the moment… one of their plugins doesn’t look to be compatible with 5.6 *sigh*

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  • I am sorry it’s been so long!

    I was writing an overhaul of the plugin and while writing a new plugin for work, I’ve learned some new techniques that will improve things so much more, and make things significantly less complex, and easier to migrate.

    But it takes a lot of time.

    So, I’m going to take break and look at what needs to be done just to get the current version on to 7.

    I’m pretty sure it’s been updated but I want to test and make sure.

    I’m also home and coding so if you back things up and try and update, and you get an issue, I can help you fix it.

    But let me set up a staging site and test this out on 7 from the repository version.


    Sorry I’m so slow! I’m fighting a nasty cold and horrible allergy season and my brain is taking a while to get moving!

    First: are you able to do backups to test this before you upgrade?

    I just installed the versions from on the respository on PHP 7 and they activated, although I got a warning. I’m about to grab my activation-error code from another project and see if I can debug that and get an update up today.

    From what I can see the activation error is a core WordPress issue related to me already having the database instealled and how dbdelta handles the upgrade function. I’m going to try reinstalling the plugin after wiping the database to test.

    I’m not sure I can do a 5 > 7 upgrade to test without setting up a local version on my machine, which I’m working on now.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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