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  • Why?

    alright then:
    1) it seems to be more common, a convention if you will – I have dozens of examples, but I don’t think you need them since they are in your blogroll too; photomatt is actually one of the few weblogs I read regularly that omits leading zeros in permalinks, 2) I think it looks more familiar to people not used to permalinks or any dates in URIs whatsoever, and it is closer to the ISO date standard (which is YYYY-MM-DD, i.e. with double digits) arguably giving a more intuitive feel for the order of month and date, 3) it just looks better when the links have the same length and variables have the exact same position all the way up until the title, 4) as a principle, the publisher should be given as many options as possible, and 5) I’m pretty much happy with everything else.
    (it was at this point that the uniform-clad Matt, visible only as a dark silhouette against a sunrise over a war-torn landscape, started to shout out his frustration… 🙂

    I agree…if only to have it display like 05012003 or 20030105, rather than 200315…ick

    Agreed… double digit months/dates are just prettier. But that’s just in my own opinion… it’s easy enough to fix it for the permalinks, but the day/month links (used in the calendar) require a bit more work to tweak.

    I agree too. It’s just the better way. I’m not an PHP programmer, however from what i see in wp-includes/template-functions.php it shouldn’t take anything more, than reformatting few vars in get_month_link() and get_day_link() (and probably in few more places – i just did 10-minutes-code-scan). And, of course, some changes in regexp within RewriteRule. Or i’m just wrong 🙂

    Actually the RewriteRule should probably work for either way. 🙂

    bump, as I’m rather keen for an answer to this.

    Hm, have the developers seen this yet?

    my only problem… if implemented now for old users, it will break all their links 🙂

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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