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  • Is there a way using this plugin to redirect all old permalinks to a new permalink structure similar to the advanced permalink plugin that you have and no longer are updating? I ask for the following reason.

    For some reason, when I have both plugins activated, and only since upgrading to 2.8, I am unable to preview posts without an infinite redirect error. IE, if I am in a post draft and it is saved as a draft – for example siteDOTcom/this-is-great/11948/, wordpress lets me preview the draft at siteDOTcom/?p=11948 or /?p=POSTID. When trying to go to this URL, I get an infinite redirect loop that immediately goes away if I deactivate advanced permalinks. Additionally, so that you know, I have tried deactivating all plugins one at a time and this was absolutely the one causing the infinite redirect loop as it was the only one that solved the issue upon deactivation.

    I have advanced permalinks set up to have newer posts (after a certain post ID) set up as the current permalink, which is /postname/postid/. Older posts are set up with permalink of /postname/, which is my older permalink choice

    Please let me know if there is more background that I can provide. The reason that I am asking if there is a way to do this in redirection is that I would be find redirecting all of the old posts to the new permalink structure if it would solve the infinite redirect loop problem that I am having with advanced permalinks. Thanks again in advance.

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  • I’m having the same problem.

    I get a “Redirect Loop” when I try to preview POSTS.

    What’s odd is that it works find when previewing PAGES.

    I knew it was a risk to get a plug-in with no support, but this was the only thing I found that could add .html to SELECTED pages.

    – Tim

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