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  • indole


    P3 Plugin Performance Profiler shows that Persona accounts for 50% of the runtime, even when I restrict the test session to non wp-admin pages!

    To verify this result, I had WebPagetest average 10 tests with the Persona plugin enabled and again with the Persona plugin disabled (note that the “first load” test was only run once/is invalid as a measure). Turning Persona off shaved ~1.5 seconds from the time-to-first-byte, roughly matching the stats reported by P3.

    What’s up?

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  • tzdk


    Code? Mozilla just released a “beta 2” of Persona so that might improve numbers.

    I do not tinker with Persona right now, but when I did I made it only work when login part of comment form was open. There is a hook or 2 that fits. Only time it is needed, at least if you do not want login to site itself. Helped. Was not horrible, also not super light. Must try new – perhaps this plugin need to be updated for beta 2 compatibility?

    Best fix would be zero loading at all. Not until you click a PERSONA button. Or if not click then very lazy loading, like some social bookmarking scripts offer. Socialite, in WordPress plugin is one example. On Socialite github issues page there is a guy hiding it all via a button, I have tried that – works 100%. Action/load on hover or scrolling past button feels annoying to me. Also not performance proof.

    Now I rewind memory I am not sure Socialite github has ready to use code. I found some I did and it does not look like copy/paste, more like what ever works! There is talk about this, I know that. Must be tutorials and such?

    content is a variable for #content. I would like same effect for Persona. Even it means make a “light” version only working on comments.

    if ($("#social-buttons-load").length) {
    	Socialite.setup ({
    		twitter:	 { lang: 'da' },
    		googleplus:	 { lang: 'da' },
    		facebook:	 { lang: 'da_DK' }
    	var btn = document.getElementById('social-buttons-load');
    	btn.disabled = false;
    	$("#social-buttons-load").click(function() {

    There is more, for injected HTML button one line is important:

    <input id="social-buttons-load" disabled="disabled" onclick="javascript:Socialite.load(document.getElementById('social-buttons'));this.disabled=true;return false;" type="button" value="CLICK ME!">

    Rest is just div, ul, li, a. Should be possible to do the same with Persona. There is a button already so not really a big change.

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