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  • Situation: I have been trying to install WP 2.0.1 on hosting provided by peak hosting. I have been receiving the following error: You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page. So I talked to tech support and they are unavailable to identify or FIX the problem. This problem does not occur with bluehost, oneandone or interland, and only with them.

    Problem: I asked when they would fix the problem. Their reply was that they would not support WP 2.0+. Is there a WP web developer that can speak with Peak Hosting to resolve this problem. Not supporting WP is like a car salesman telling you a car does not come with a steering wheel.

    Contact: Their email is:, phone is 1.800.731.4871. My tech support contact’s name was Allan. My email is dominickr @

    Thank you for any assistance.

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  • Mark Jaquith


    WordPress Lead Dev

    Are you upgrading WP, or making a fresh install? WP 2.0.2 is the latest version, so you should be using that. If it’s a new install, try wiping the database and starting from scratch.

    in which directory are you trying to install WP???

    Are directory permissions set correctly? Sounds like something wasn’t chmod’ed correctly.

    It is a fresh install. Everything is set correctly. And the systems engineer for Peak experienced the same problems. I have installed WP too many times too count, and this is a problem with their server.

    Get a refund and find a better host then. Problem solved. 🙂

    Yes that is what I decided to do. Just really frustrating. Thanks IIIIIIV 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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