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  • G’day
    I am making a new theme for my site and have decided to try this div and css thing that seem all the rage nowdays. I have made most of it, however for some reason the boxes expand past the window edges!

    I think i know where the problem is coming from, however don’t know exactly why or what is causing it! Oh I should say where, its in the credit div (one at the base).

    Any help is much appreciated,


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  • G’day marzaroo.
    what is the URL of your site?

    In FireFox the credit bar is also in the wrong spot.

    I have just given your site a quick look and noticed that you explicitely name all your classes like contentPanel .contentBox .posttitle
    you don’t have to do that. Styles are inherited from containing classes
    a class .contentBox thus describes the diferences in .contentBox compared to .contentPanel
    Also, you are mixing relative width (75%) with fixed width (675px).
    It takes too long to go into detail on your stylesheet but there are a lot of nice css tutorials on the web.
    (I have no connection to this site, it just came up in my search for css tutorials)

    Thanks for the help macbrink. I have made a few changes and i believe I almost have the hang of div and styling. However (there always is a however!), for some reason I get a scroll bar across the base of the page which I can’t seem to figure out how to remove. I have looked and there doesn’t appear to be anything past it.


    marzaroo, probably one element of your site is larger than the width of your browser. Only a few pixel may result in the scrollbar.

    Ok, when I placed the credit bar in this occured. However, the credit bar is set at 100% width! Should that not restrict all other parameters?


    Sometimes you need to play with the widths. If I set your .wp-admin-bar to width: 99.7% I lose the horizontal scroll bar.

    Site looks nice. Good luck with it. 🙂

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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