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  • It seems that the CSS for the surveys within a post are scattered between two different CSS files within the plugin directory. wp-style.css and survey-style.css.

    Is there an easy way to override these styles in our main stylesheet? If I edit those files directly, they’ll simply be wiped out upon updating the plugin.

    So far no style in the main style.css has been able to override the plugin stylesheets.

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  • Have you tried using FireBug to track down what’s going on with the CSS? It might give you some insight as to why your local CSS changes are not working for you.

    Yep. I can easily see the styles and where they are coming from. That is the issue. The form elements are styled by two stylesheets that are deep in the plugin’s directory. These stylesheets override any style in the main WP style.css stylesheet. So, you must edit the plugin’s stylesheets. When you do that, they’ll be overwritten every time the plugin is updated.

    Plugin Author DCoda


    It really depends on the order of the stylesheets at to whether the plugins styles can be overridden.
    If your styles comes before the plugins style sheet i believe adding !important to the style attribute will give it priority.

    For reference wp-styles.css is for things that a global to a number of our plugins where as style.css is for css for out survey plugins

    This being said, out next version will have a big change in the way the style sheets are done, to allow easier targeting of elements from css.


    Thanks for the info. I’m not sure I can control in what order the plug-in css comes into the pages…or I currently do not know how to make them precede the core theme css so that it might override.

    I’ll try the !important declaration, but my understanding has been that it does not work consistently for Internet Explorer, especially IE7, which still is in heavy usage.

    Your plugin is very close to what I’m needing. It would be a great benefit, in my case, to be able to locate the contact info collection fields to anywhere within the survey rather than them being fixed to the top. Once a user has filled in a survey, they are more likely to go ahead an provide some required contact info willingly. When it’s always up front, before the survey questions, it can give the impression that the gathering of the contact info is really the sole purpose of the survey.

    I’m actually surprised at the limitations of some of the survey plug-ins. I tried the WP Survey & Quiz plugin but it would always make the whole post it was placed in disappear until the user clicked “Next.” It’s admin interface and instructions are not intuitive and there is no option to have multiple choice questions as radio buttons. Seems odd and clunky.

    Your plugin is pretty straightforward and allows required fields, which is functionally ideal. The issues, in my opinion are:
    – in the ability to style the survey easily
    – the rigidness of the contact info fields
    – some funky stuff when trying to re-order questions. Drag and drop would be a real nice usability improvement.
    – For some end-users, the lack of data reporting in the Admin is a deal killer. But, with a minor tutorial on downloading a CSV and opening in Excel, that issue can be overcome.

    Seriously, if y’all can add a few usability features to the plugin, I feel you’d be the leader in the survey plugin pack. I understand that it’s tough developing free plugins. But you could even offer a “premium” add-on package of some features and fund your development. An example of this model is the Subscribe2 plugin. It has a base set of features that are good for many users. For a one time fee, you can open up more advanced features. It is reasonable and allows the creator to make a buck to fund further development and offer quality support.

    Even in a premium add-on scenario it would be much more affordable than say, signing up for PollDaddy and likely would satisfy a larger percentage of users.

    Plugin Author DCoda


    Thanks for the input.
    The plugin is going through a large rewrite, will should improve the ability to tweak the css.
    The main reason the survey is rigid about the contact details is without this the collected data would becomes open to more abuse, and abuse results in the data being invalid.
    As to the data reporting this is just a collection tool as it states in the description. There are so many permutation of reporting data this is best left to a custom plugin or spreadsheet.

    Sounds great DCoda. Valid points you make as well. I don’t have a problem with the data reporting. It is easy to DL the CSV and coach clients to do the same. Keeps is lean and mean and doesn’t bog down the WP admin.

    Plugin Author DCoda


    I’ll keep your comments in mind about the !important attribute, and think of a nice way to allow easy overriding of the the css.

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