• This store is a complete outrage!

    The fancy graphics get in the way, please update this so people who use this? gets in faster…

    If your not spending your time trying to load up the graphics, your spending your time trying to get combo packs to be included in products and it does not show up in the downloads?

    You have to refresh your browser cache every time you want to add a client to a product, sometimes this just works but %95 of the time spending time clearing cashe just to see a new update, for

    making the store display just right!

    adding clients to new products!

    I have to clear my cache every 5 seconds!

    Still yet to see the combo packs working, I guess you will be spending your time adding thousands of products to members manually.

    I have screwed up and bought this one item, and found out I re purchased the same thing when I bought there combo pack for everything, I kindly asked for a refund for the blooper and they refuse to give refunds at all period. so what you see it was you get, I hope you keep your products cheap or less you be ringing in bigger trouble.

    God Bless this step with something magical happening????

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