• What are the plans to update the online documentation so they reflect a more current version? Current documents are dated October 2015 and do not cover some of the current features.

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  • The online documentation varies by date pretty widely. I know that the developers are working on updating it where needed. If there is something specific that you have found to be out of date or lacking in detail, please indicate what it is so that the developers are aware of it.

    Setting up the user role is one of the key items of the UM yet its documentation is dated October 18, 2015. There are few of the user setup options that are not covered by that version of documentation. For example “Sync with WordPress Role”


    Right. However, they tried their best. And, those who understand that functionality, with a few exceptions, never come to this board to ask for help.

    What do you need to know about the sync option? If you are running a regular straight forward membership site with 2 simple user roles (admin & user) that function goes largely ignored.

    The site I am working on has 6 levels of user roles so I wanted to know how they correlate to WP Roles.

    I am not saying that they are not doing their best I simply asked about the plans for updating the documentation.

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    How do they co-relate? If you want to give a user wp author permissions, then that’s what you use.

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