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  • There are countless bloggers I’ve read recently who relate their Gmail experiments. Now, I’m just wondering : how the hell did these guys get a Gmail account, and who do I have to kill to get one myself ?

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  • skippy



    The first wave of GMail testers were picked from Blogger users. Remember, Google gobbled up Blogger some time back.

    The second wave will be the referrers of the zeroeth wave, which consisted of handpicked invitees who need not have been blogger users. I am not too excited about having my email stored and analyzed by a search engine company, but then that’s just me. 🙂

    I am quite excited about a gigabyte of space to store all my junk.

    damn i need my invite…

    i got mine! 😀

    I still see nothing special in gmail… sure 1gb is good to have, but cmon, whom will use all that space? and for what? spam? lol…
    much better to have own domain and have personal mail instead of something@gmail… just imho

    its not about space. for me its about speed.
    for an average user, the speed to check mails and send mails matter.
    if you compare yahoo/hotmail with gmail u will know what i am talking about.

    I’ll compare when I get one test.account…

    hmm… if u promise not to change password i can give u access to an experimental account 😉

    There *has* to be a special treatment for WordPress community. Or something. I want mine 🙂

    get hold of matt… he has invites with him…
    do something special for me, he might give u 1 😀

    I promise Sushubh 🙂
    Tho’ I’m off soon and I have a busy day tomorrow so I will be free first at about 4pm GMT… If you could send me a mail (my mail can be found @ my site under About) about that time or before, I would apreciate it 🙂
    I wont delete/change settings/change pass, you have my word 🙂

    it’d be cool to have one especially as i’ll be losing my uni accounts soon! 🙁

    And you get only 2 invits. I have already consumed mine. Since I used one of the invit for my wife. I have been asking her if she got any invits. Seems like they have stopeed printing those invits. But any way gmail is great with those keyboard shortcuts and conversation concept. There are still few kinks but overall good.

    im sure the guy in the cubicle next to mine has one…and he gave one to his wife…they had a suspicious conversation some weeks aback…!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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