• Plugin name is misleading. You can only customize the label text of the button or hide it. You can’t actually create a custom add to cart button and edit the button’s size, shape or color, you know like creating an actual “Custom” button. The icon that you can show is ugly, there should be an option to choose from different cart icons or add your own icon. Not bad for a free plugin but if you really need to create a “custom” add to cart button instead of just editing the label or hiding it, look somewhere else.

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  • Hi, @intarwebsdeveloper. Thanks for your feedback. You can see what you mentioned in the first paragraph of our plugin’s description:

    WooCommerce Custom Add to Cart Button is a simple plugin to customize your store’s add to cart buttons. It makes it easy to change the ‘Add to cart’ button text, add a cart icon to the button, or replace the text with just an icon.

    The same is also detailed in the bullet list also in the same.

    Thanks for your suggestions regarding:

    • Button styling options – change size and shape, add color gradients, adjust margins and padding, drop shadow, icon/text alignment
    • An option to customize the cart icon (e.g. using Font Awesome)

    While we don’t have any immediate plans to implement the above, a few other customers have previously requested these features and we’re tracking the amount of demand to help us decide whether to prioritize them in future.

    I have added your ‘vote’ for each to our feature request list, and we will let you know if we add either to a future version of the plugin.

    In the meantime, I’m sorry that this isn’t possible.

    Let me know if there’s anything else that we may assist you with.

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