• I’ve installed Shield on a ClassicPress site to see how it goes, since I learned that the author has adapted v7 of Shield to be ClassicPress-compatible.

    However, though the core file scanner in the Hack Guard section is switched on, it still hasn’t run its first scan after being installed and activated for almost 48 hours.

    Any idea why that might be?

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    As with WP, first thing to check is that your crons are running correctly. This is no different with CP than with WP. This is a good plugin for digging into crons:

    OK, done that. The relevant crons I can see are:

    icwp-wpsf-core-checksum-notification – next run in 3 hours xx minutes (so it should have run 21 hours ago)
    icwp-wpsf-unrecognised-scan-notification – next run in 3 hours xx minutes (so it should have run 21 hours ago)
    icwp-wpsf-daily – next run in 16 hours xx minutes (so it should have run 8 hours ago)

    I’m not sure which one controls the core file scanner.

    Crontrol gives me no warnings about problems, and in fact there is an UpdraftPlus cron which I know works because it emails me every day.

    Crontrol says PHP crons can’t be created because the file editor is disabled, but I don’t think that’s relevant.

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    Okay cool, so they’re likely running normally. Are you running the latest Shield?

    And you’ve definitely enabled the scans?
    How are you determining the scans didn’t run?

    I’m running the latest Shield (7.0.2) on CP 1.0.0 beta2. I installed and activated it on 30th Jan at 22:13 (45 hours ago in my time zone so the daily ones should have run at least once).

    Core files scanner and unrecognised files scanner are both enabled, and the hack guard module is enabled.

    I know it hasn’t run the scans because the recent events log on the Shield dashboard says ‘not yet recorded’ and on the Scans page it says ‘never’.

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    And does it work to manually run the scan?

    Yes, both core file scanner and unrecognised file scanner appeared to work successfully when triggered manually on the scans page (each only took a couple of seconds though).

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    Should barely take a couple of seconds. And did that update the last scan time ok?

    Yes all the places that show info about the last scans are now updated.

    Obviously I still need it to run via cron in order to roll out the plugin across more sites and maybe buy pro, so I’ll keep an eye on Crontrol as well as the plugin’s info pages.

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    Do you have any error log files? It’s strange that the scan isn’t running in the cron when the crons are running. Perhaps an error is being generated that’s breaking the cron process.

    There’s nothing in the PHP error log for the last two weeks.

    Agreed it’s strange that the scans will run manually but not via cron.

    When I have some more time I’ll add some temporary debug emails to the plugin code in the methods named by Crontrol to try and see what’s happening, but I won’t be able to do that for a couple of days at least.

    I’ve now found that a WP site won’t run the cron scans either, the same as my CP sites. All other non-Shield crons run fine. I’ve read about the upcoming 7.0.4 – will that solve the issue?

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