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    I had 2 changes, dont know which causes the issue:

    1. Update to newest WordPress
    2. Restore entire website (database and files)

    No I have now share buttons visible. The code is implementet correctly. I realized in the share options that no service is listet and the customize link is not working.

    I de-activatet and re-activated the plugin. …still not working
    I de-installed and re-installed the plugin. …still not working

    I realized after re-installing the plugin that the options are still the same I had set before (collors etc.) and not the default. Think with de-installing not everything was de-installed. Maybe this is the solution?

    How can I perform a full de-installation?
    What can I do if the full de-installation is not working?

    Hope someone can help.

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    de-installation does not reset options of the plugin.
    The problem is that you cannot see the available service so you can customize them.
    Have you tried again to see if the services appear (it could be an internet connection issue)?
    If the services are not yet shown, please open browser’s console to see if there is any javascript error. If yes please send us a screenshot to supportATe-mailit.com

    Thanks for the quick answer. Yes the issue is still there and my internet connection is working very well.

    Here are the Javascript error Firefox shows me:
    Javascript error

    How do I reset options? How can I do a 100% de-installation?

    Got it partly solved… it was the option “Optimise JavaScript Code” within the plugin “Autoptimize”. Just deactivated this option and the buttons are there in the right navigation (placed in the widget by adding: “<div class=”e-mailit_toolbox no_bgr rounded size24” ) …but not at the end of the content like set in the settings. I still can’t click on “customize” to chage the services. The services are still not displayed.

    Then I went to the plugin “WP DoNotTrack” where I blocked all tracking provider excluded the whitelisted ones. This was the issue for the not showing services and the brocken “customize” link.
    Do you know which URLs I need to whitelist that the plug-in is working correctly?

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    There are to many errors in your admin page that probably prevent our plugin’s administration page to load properly.
    Can you give me access to your admin to investingate the problem?
    If yes, please send your credentials to supportATe-mailit.com

    -> regarding JS errors: I find it somewhat suspicious jquery.js would have syntax errors, jquery is ubiquitous (esp. in the WordPress backend) and very thoroughly tested. it is possible your installation is damaged or hacked.
    -> regarding autoptimize: check the errors on the browser console while on the front-end when JS optimization is active, this should help us identify what is going wrong and ultimately fix

    frank (ao dev)

    I updated my last post here. Do you know which URLs I need to whitelist that the plug-in is working correctly?

    ha… it’s just “e-mailit.com” which I need to whitelist. now everything is working!

    don’t know why deactivating plugis was working today. I did the same yesterday with no luck.

    thanks for your help!

    You plugin is sooo great!!! I love it 🙂
    Fully customisable with the biggest set of available services!!

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    Thank you,

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