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[Resolved] NO SECURITY CODE FORCED – error

  • I keep getting this “NO SECURITY CODE FORCED” as a result of the plugin.

    It’s displayed on top of all my pages, and inside Admin dashboards etc.
    I’ve excluded all other plugins, when I activate this one, I get the error.



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  • Plugin Author Eric



    Hmm, never seen this error before. That particular text doesn’t exist inside TubePress’s source code, so it must be something else on your site that’s upset.

    Do you have a link to your site that you could share?


    Have a look at http://www.boyer-draeby.dk. I did disable all addons. Turn them on one after one, and Tubepress ended up triggering og creating that error.

    It might be that it collides with another addon I guess. Could it be another Google/Youtube access addon or the like?


    I guess I could download my site files to my local machine, and do a search in the files for that message somehow?

    Plugin Author Eric



    I would do two things:

    1. Delete your existing installation of TubePress and replace it with a fresh copy.

    2. Download your entire website to your local machine and search for that phrase to find out what’s generating it.

    Some googling for that error leads me to suspect that your site might have been hacked :/


    The text came from a WP Twitter plugin, and another too 🙁
    Yea, my sites was hacked, again. I’ve restored the site a few times now. I have no idea how they get access. I’ve changed my email password too, in case they could read that. Hmmm, any experience with upgrading security on a WP installation? I’ve changed ftp, sql etc passwords too. Several times (3 or 4 I think).


    Plugin Author Eric


    It’s difficult to say exactly how you’re getting hacked. I would google around for hardening your WP installation – there are quite a few plugins that help with this.

    I would also strongly recommend signing up with CloudFlare. Even their free plan will dramatically increase your site’s security as they automatically block spammers and bots.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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