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  • If a user doesn’t have Javascript turned on, Slide2Comment disappears and it shows the naked comment form as if there was no Slide2Comment at all.

    If a legit user that has Javascript turned off comments in this way, their comment gets marked as Spam because it hasn’t passed the slider test.

    This is a problem. You need to at least announce something for when Javascript is turned off, something like a <noscript or something like that…

    Dear visitor, please turn on your Javascript or your comment could get lost in a heap of spam.

    At best you could design a non-JS fallback.

    Other remarks:
    – Obviously, slider doesn’t work in poor browsers like Opera Mini and the Nokia 5800 Browser 7.0.

    – Consider making the Slide 2 comment text editable (perhaps CSS3 content after?… not sure of compatibility tho.) and make it unselectable, because it gets selected accidentally and interferes with the sliding action. (I added -webkit-user-select: none;)

    Otherwise, cheers, great idea!

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