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  • It appears Nextscripts has one media channel as an option to add it’s called “Sett” , first thing I noticed was the guide Nextscript links doesn’t exist. Then I checked out Sett website and it shows insecure. Should I just avoid using Nextscripts? Does anyone use them?

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    What exactly are you asking? Sett is just one of the 25 networks SNAP can autopost to.

    1. Guide for connecting Sett to SNAP is located here:

    2. I am not sure what exactly do you mean by “I checked out Sett website and it shows insecure”.

    3. According to WordPress itself, Nextscripts SNAP is used on 100000+ sites

    Why would you avoid it?

    Oh I see. It must’ve been bad cookies or something.

    Actually its the link that was given from the plugin. And can you tell me what the sett media channel website is? If its I’m worried why I’m not seeing a lock icon in the url on my iphone safari browser. On the computer however it just says insecure in the url.

    Hello? @nextscripts

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    1. “Sett” is just one of 25 social networks/websites that SNAP can autopost to. We have no relation with “Sett” other than our plugin’s ability to post from your site to If you REALLY have an issue with please contact them. We can’t do anything there.

    2. It sounds like you actually don’t understand what that “lock icon” really means. That “lock” only means the site is using SSL protocol. NOTHING ELSE! SSL protocol become freely available just two years ago. Since that google and browser makers started pushing website owners to make a switch by showing that icon.

    So again, “no lock icon” just means that Sett is not using more secure SSL protocol. There is nothing wrong with not using SSL Protocol. Up to 2016 vast majority of websites were not using SSL protocol and nobody had an issue with that. Unless you are an international spy, the only real life situation when you need SSL protocol is when you are entering your credit card info in some cafe in third world country using their free wifi. In that case SSL will protect you from the network admin of that cafe who can otherwise see your credit card number.

    Sharing your blogposts from your site to sett have nothing to do with that. What could really happen? Someone will still your already open blogpost text?

    3. But if you still have concerns, please just don’t connect Sett to SNAP. There are 24 other networks where you can share your content securely.

    Hope that makes it clear.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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