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  • Love to know the answer as well. =)

    Great plug-in by the way, but would love to see the features added that you mentioned.

    I am looking forward for any response by author as well.

    Plugin Author George Stephanis


    Code Monkey

    I keep wanting to update stuff on this, but client work has been keeping me busy, and I’ve not had time to devote to Ndizi. I’ve been putting the word out looking for collaborators to help develop it, being willing to train people in WordPress plugin development and the like, but noone seems interested in pitching in with the codebase.

    Such is life, I suppose.

    Fair enough. I am really sorry that i can’t help, i am not good PHP developer. I hope there will be more interest about this fantastic project.


    I am trying to teach myself PHP. I am able to do basic php manipulations and modifications but have never written any php script. I gave done a bit of HTML coding in the past. I am really eager to see Ndizi stepped unto the next level and sowould be willing to give this a shot if you are willing to teach.



    Nice to see you back George. Great to finally see updates for Ndizi coming through.



    Any word on the release that would allow end users and admins to attach files for upload? I have a project on hold, waiting for that feature alone. I would love to be a beta tester also.

    I’m a PHP developer, and am very interesting in supporting the cause however I can. This is a fantastic plugin, and I would like to see it get enough features to be a worthy replacement for people using basecamp

    Plugin Author George Stephanis


    Code Monkey

    Awesome. Use the contact form on to drop me a line and I’ll try to follow up this week about getting you rolled in.

    It is about time we saw some movement on this plugin. I consider this one of my most favored plugins but still with a lot of great potential yet untapped. I have never developed a plugin myself, but have extensive experience with WordPress and basic understanding of php. Will be glad to help too if I can be useful.

    I am not a php guy nor a developer, but I work as an IT software support specialist for our local county government, and I could help with client support if needed. Great Plugin!

    Plugin Author George Stephanis


    Code Monkey

    JMDezigns — I’ve been asking a number of occasions in a number of different places for other people willing to contribute to the plugin. Until this point, of the three or so that actually replied, every single one has flaked out. I just don’t have the time to contribute to the plugin lately, with my freelance work keeping me busy + contributing for the WordPress core.

    Really, what the plugin needs are a sharp coder who can figure things out, code them cleanly, and has about 5h/wk for a couple weeks (more would be great, but I’m thinking minimum to make it worthwhile) willing to contribute to the plugin itself.

    If you’re willing to commit to that, drop me an email, by all means.

    Is there anyone willing to pay monthly to get this plugin up and going?

    If a message interface, and the ability for clients to log in and mark tasks as completes is on the project list, I would be willing to sign up today for the same fee’s as Basecamp.

    If you can get a few of us to do this, it might help is getting programmers, or would it help to make this a priority?

    The plugin is awesome, works great, but right now the functionality is missing a few key features to make it worth while.

    I wouldn’t worry too much on making it pretty, just id and class the hell out of it in CSS and allow everyone to make their own CSS file.
    Have it check for a custom CSS first, and if not it uses the default.

    Please contact me if this can become a possability.

    jamie at kembel dot ca

    Plugin Author George Stephanis


    Code Monkey

    Hey Jamie,

    I’ve actually got a programmer that has just expressed an interest in joining the team. He’s going to be looking into adding in Messaging and File Upload functionality in the next week or so. If he has continued interest after that point, I’ll be setting him up with commit access to ‘carry the torch’ as it were. There have been others expressing a passing interest in the past, but every single one has always flaked out when it came to actually doing any legitimate programming or contributions.


    George and (Nosuchthing as BadJesus).

    I am one of those who has expressed interest in somehow keeping Ndizi alive, but I am no coder by any means, as I already indicated to you (George). I would be against a turning this plugin into a monthl subscription service because one of the major reasons I am on WordPress and looking at this plugin is because I cannot afford Basecamp and the other pay options out there, that do have most of the functionality we are seeking in Ndizi.

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