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  • I have got this from my server about wordpress problem issuse:

    The database activity for WordPress blog was the only issue. I’m not sure how to be more clear about the issue, and I apologize for that. I’ll see what I can do to get these databases enabled for you and monitor the server to ensure they don’t create an issue. As for the server, the configuration is fine. The simple fact is that blog software is not coded to be efficient. Once a site gets very much traffic, if there’s much data in the blog to parse from the database, it can just be too much for a shared server to handle (due to other clients being on it and it creating problems for them). The blog software isn’t an issue for most users, but it can be with too much processing. This is true of any software. The problem with WordPress, is that it doesn’t scale as well as some other software might and this is why you see the load issues associated with it.

    What do you think of it, do you also have this kind of problem, that means when many people see your wordpress, it can cause a too intensive load problem for webhosting servers.

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  • the majority of these hosts do not care about and/or not familiar with the WordPress platform. their technical support respresentatives are not knowledgeable enough or have not been exposed to the use of the platform & how it works, their systems are not optimized or tweaked to accomodate the demand of WordPress or any other platform. they tend to oversell space, bandwidth and the “blame game” begins.

    it seems not many hosts are looking into profitable opportunities from within the nich market of WordPress users. they tend of offer a plethora of features and if it doesn’t work, well, that’s too bad.

    they need to look at the problem and find ways to work around if they want to retain you as customer.

    Is it true or not?

    I don’t know if it’s true, but I tend to agree with the previous poster that hosts generally don’t know a thing about blogging software. About two months ago, we switched all our blogs at our community site from b2Evolution to WordPress because our host told us the exact same thing as your host told you. “b2Evolution is inefficient, the load on the server is too great, our server is crashing every day,” etc.

    I’d suggest you try to put the onus for fixing the issue back on the host, but they’ll probably just firewall off your blog and shut you down. That’s what our host did until we switched to WordPress. I don’t know what to suggest, except find a new host, one that specializes in blogs maybe.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    @frankli – who is your host ?

    hostgator is my hosting, i have to stop my wordpress now, even the plug in:feedwordpress, they also block it.
    They said the wordpress costs too much loading of their CPU, when it uses rss2blog software.
    some of my email about the influence from rss2blog software and wordpress to the hosting:
    “I appreciate the information. I didn’t see anything outright problematic, but it’s the underlying code that seems to be the issue. I did notice that one of the sites was a little slow where you grab the feeds, but that could be an issue with any of them. I’d recommend you contact the people you paid for this script from and ask them to implement timeouts, some manner to control how much data is read in before it forces a close (so too much data isn’t read) and a method to ensure that any memory is deallocated, in case the script’s process doesn’t end or has a memory leak (because it seems that’s what it’s doing). That is to say, if they don’t already have these settings, and if so, they should make them available via the interface or let you know where they can be set.

    Unfortunately, trying to troubleshoot a 3rd party script is beyond the scope of support we can offer. If this can be resolved we can give it a try and see if the problem remains, but we can’t re-code a 3rd party script or spend inordinate amounts of time reviewing their code, as much as we wish we could take that sort of time. The xmlrpc.php file looks like it’s needed for the scripts to work and grab the rss feeds, so I don’t know if you can disable that in your current set up. Also, you might want to outline how you’ve set this up to the script author and perhaps they can point out any potential cause for this to have been creating such a load. Again, the above mentioned issues must be resolved before it can be enabled. As much as we’d like to allow any script to run, some (though few) are resource intensive enough to need to be fixed (or something changed somehow) and resolve the issue, as we can’t have it crash the web service or overload the server.”

    I don’t know who knows this problem?

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