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  • It’a very promising plugin and I read that it has a new management team, does this gonna make any real difference. Since I see the issues in Github is unanswered for months, PRs are unchecked somehow.

    A simple question? are you going to support this plugin seriously?

    Thanks for your efforts,

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  • A simple question? are you going to support this plugin seriously?

    This would be very good to know. I think this is one of the most performant and accessible page builders out there … and free at that. I’d love to know that I can confidently employ it on sites.

    We’re also growing moderately concerned at the lack of communication from the new management. Coupled with the SSL on being expired, and the live demo no longer working – our confidence in this great product is waning.

    I have to agree with the others. New management took over with the explicit promise to maintain and grow the plugin due to the original developer being unable to dedicate the time needed. But with issues going unaddressed for weeks and overall communication with the community languishing future development and community adoption does not bode well.

    FYI, I have also reached out to all involved on Twitter – without response. I do hope there is some way to salvage this sinking ship. My hope was that they are currently in a holding pattern as Gutenberg continues to mature, but I think that is wishful thinking.

    Plugin Author Andrew Worsfold


    Hi all –

    As the original author of this plugin it’s disappointing to see the new management team not responding to topics like this. I know that they are assessing their options with respect to the upcoming Gutenberg editor, so I’ve reached out to them to find out what their plans are and ask that they communicate their intentions.

    Thanks for reaching out @andrewworsfold! Bummed to see this announcement (and on Medium) when I woke this morning.

    I get the expectations that Gutenberg could replace/revolution page builders in WordPress, but I think their are still a lot of questions around how/when/(maybe even if) this will happen. To me, it seems premature to lay such a solid piece of work to rest so soon.

    Yes, upsetting. Especially as to the reasons for discontinuing. I don’t see Gutenberg (at least in its current state) as a viable alternative for a solid and highly intuitive page builder like Tailor. And I’m sure in terms of monetizing the hard work and many hours put into developing the plugin, many who have been following the builder’s progress such as myself (as well as future adopters) would be more than happy to pay for a pro version. New management mentioned Divi and Elementor… while these are nice page builders I definitely see Tailor as being a strong competitor rather than a lesser cousin. Oh, well. Thanks, Andrew, for all the hard work you put into this plugin over the years.

    Clearly, the new management is not serious enough :
    Its a disappointing decision (to sell an open source project).
    IMO open source projects when bought or sold most likely die in future due to the lack of inspiration and commitment that the original developer can provide.

    It’s a very bad news, I really liked this plugin and most probably many other do.

    What a pity!

    Wow! Did not realize new management was attempting to sell the product. I was holding out hope that someone with more development savvy than myself would take over and maintain as open source. Don’t see that happening now. Trying to sell a broken product (as of WP 4.9) with the threat of Gutenberg looming… looks like Tailor will be relegated to languishing in the dustbin of abandoned plugins. Pity indeed. Andrew put in so much time and effort making Tailor such an incredible page builder.

    Yeah, crazy that they’re trying to capitalize off it while at the same time saying it’s not worth development. The great thing about open source GPL is that anyone could still choose to fork it and keep it alive.

    Tailor Page Builder Plugin Discontinued, Owners Cite Funding, Gutenberg, and Competition

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