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  • I’ll apologize early on for my lack of knowledge and experience…I’m learning as I go.

    I have a site with 4 “home” pages; we’ll call them North, South, East and West. Each of those pages will have the same categories, but the content needs to be specific to each home. For example: they will each have content categorized as News, Member and Feature.

    The way that makes sense, to me, is to have <?php if (is_page('north')): ?> and have the main loop query all “North” category posts, and then nested loops to query all “News” “Member” and “Feature” category posts. That way, the only post to show up in the News area is one categorized “News” AND “North”…and then repeat the process for the other three home pages.

    Thoughts? Am I making it far more difficult than need be? I tend to do that…

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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