• I really want to use this plugin but after installing it I don’t see any pop ups giving the user a choice to enable or disable mining, it just mines in the background which I think is unacceptable!

    I think you should definitely add a widget where the mining can be turned on or off.

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  • I sure that like most you think that mining in the background is “unacceptable” and maybe you’re right except there is nothing wrong with balancing the table in favor of the webmaster or site operator as EVERYONE who visits your site consumes your content and in most case pays nothing for the privilege but you can be sure you do. You pay for their visits in the form of bandwidth which depending on your hosting and traffic can add up to a considerable amount each moth. As far as I see it, it’s very fair exchange where thanks to block chain technology, the web property owner has an opportunity to keep operating costs down. From business standpoint, I don’t see anything wrong with that.

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