• dsdewitt


    I first came across PW On Sale and thought it was the greatest. Then I saw all the features of “Black Friday/ Cyber Monday” So I uninstall On Sale and went to try this out. Still has the most of the same workings of On Sale. Those parts work. I like the grouping of deals under an event. The built in promotion designer puts a pop up on the home page. Not a favorite to me. The upcoming event and event ending timer were a nice touch. Would be a bit better if we could control colors , fonts etc. There was a promotion think that nudge the buyer that sale would end at a certain time. On normal products it looked ok but on bundle products it was a mess. Text ran right on top of other text. I guess I can look at the css and make some changes. The free shipping is a nice touch. Only issue I had was there is no way to control what locations get free shipping. On last bit. When I first install I skipped the Black friday sale and added another to test with. Each time I would test and get to the cart it through up and error on the page. delete this test and tried working with the Black Friday Event and no more errors.
    Summary: I thing this plugin has great promise. I definitely test it out again in the future.

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  • Plugin Author pimwick


    Thank you for the feedback! We will look at adding these features to the plugin.

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