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  • I would appreciate some direction with the following. Basically, I develop websites using HTML in Notepad. I know… I’m a dinosaur. I don’t have desire to upgrade (to Dreamweaver, etc.) but I want to develop a site that can be easily edited by non-technical folks. I was told that WordPress was the way to go. Is that right? Second, is there a book or a website that can get me started in this direction? Designing the website (using Photoshop, etc.) and then doing the code in Notepad is easy for but I simply don’t know how to make it “editable” by other people. Obviously, I can’t tell people to go into the HTML and find the this or that tag and etc…. etc… I’ve been told this is difficult but I think given the right book or something I could figure it out. Where can I go to learn how to do this? Every time I look for “WordPress tutorials” it’s about doing a blog. I don’t want to do a blog. Simply a website that is editable by all. Does that make sense? Would love help! Thanks in advance.

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  • WordPress is as easy as it gets. You make your site, assign the people who you want as editors and that’s it. they can change whatever they want.

    Don’t worry about the blog thing, you can make all pages look like a static site. They won’t be pure html, they’ll rely on php codes to show the html content but that shouldn’t worry you.

    when you say

    but I simply don’t know how to make it “editable” by other people.

    what exactly do you mean ??
    do you want the people to edit the html itself or update the page contents? but yet still keeping the same layout for the website??? if the latter and you want a static page site like a home page, contact page etc you can still do it with wordpress. wordpress can be CMS system also ..

    Thanks for the responses. Let me clarify. I don’t want people to update the html, only the content yet keeping the same layout. How do I get started? I want to do the html and then be able to send the non-technical people a link to where they can go to update content.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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