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  • style.css missing?

    not familiar with buddypress, but should the style sheet be pointing here

    Hi Saani – Great to meet you 🙂
    Thanx for speedy reply…

    twentyeleven/style.css – Yes its there

    Hi Samuel B – Great to meet you 🙂
    Thanx for speedy reply…

    Samuel I’m new to multisite …as I remember reading all user created blogs would be created in the directory (blogs.dir) I was asked to manually create. The user created blog (coffeetalkatjavens) isn’t located in (blogs.dir)

    Samuel where is coffeetalkatjavens located?
    …bear with me I’m a practitioner with WP 🙂

    the site itself is virtual – located only with settings in the database
    can you administer the site and verify they are using twenty eleven theme?
    and also verify that it’s working on other sites?

    Hi Samuel B 🙂 tribechat’s got BuddyPress working in domain root and has got 2 subsites/blogs in subdirectory structure http://www.tribechat.net/blogs. Both subsites are using Twenty Eleven theme and both look unstyled. I would suggest re-uploading Twenty Eleven theme and/or choosing another theme and check if same behavior applies.

    Common issue with multisite, covered in the sticky here and I think on th codex page as well.


    Hi Andrea – Thanx for responding

    …I read your informative article and edited the file you stated http://wpmututorials.com/installation2/subfolder-blog-have-no-theme-styles/

    httpd.conf file – added this line:
    AllowOverride FileInfo Options

    * but page still not displaying at http://www.tribechat.net/coffeetalkatjavens/ and another user created blog http://www.tribechat.net/strikingvikings/

    * I have totally deleted theme TwentyEleven and reinstalled – no results

    * I deactivated theme Twenty Ten & reactivated – no results

    * Under Network Admin both themes are network enabled

    * Under Network Admin > Sites > All Sites > Primary Site tribechat.com > Manage Themes …both themes twenty ten & eleven appear as choices

    * Under Network Admin > Sites > All Sites …both of these sites /coffeetalkatjavens/ and /strikingvikings/ – Edit > Themes both twenty eleven & ten aren’t even displaying as choices

    * also not able to enter dashboards for both /coffeetalkatjavens/ and /strikingvikings/

    ~Greatest Regards

    httpd.conf file – added this line:
    AllowOverride FileInfo Options

    Where did you add it?

    It’s still the same problem, I’m familiar with all those symptoms and they have the same cause.

    Reinstalling the themes will do nothing to fix it.
    Reinstalling WordPress will not fix it.

    You may have to fiddle with the Apache directives and place it in the right spot and make sure you have the right htaccess file.

    But it is not a theme issue. It’s a server side issue.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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