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  • There may be a way and if there is I guess I’m asking… to give users their own blog instead of just making multiple writers for the same blog. This way you don’t have to reinstall the entire package for each user if you really want to use this program. I would then suggest bridge options for people who run message board and would like to give their users the rights to blogs. This would be a HUGE project I’m sure if it’s not available and if it’s available… it would be the cherry on my milkshake… let me know

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    This plugin looks to be a promising solution to the issue of single interface/multiple blogs in WordPress:

    I read somewhere that the developers of WP are planning to make it multi-blog capable. Can anyone update us on how this is developing, and whether its in process, or left aside for the time being?

    Is there a road map for the WP developmen somewhere, where we can have an idea what developers are working on?

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    Where did you read that WP would be multi-blog capable?

    Here’s a tentative list of features for version 1.6; but be advised that none of this is set in stone.

    I read it here:
    “a multi-blog feature is in the planning for a future edition of WordPress”

    Since I composed that particular line…

    Being originally a one-blog/one-install design means WordPress requires a large overhaul to the core to make multi-blog/one-install a reality (ask those who’ve tried). A multi-blog component has been mentioned as something desired by the devs, but that doesn’t mean they’re sitting around their computers right this moment coding the multi-blog edition of WordPress, even though–in a sense–they have been doing just this for at least a year, in that each new version represents a small progression towards that goal.

    To quote Matt back in May of 2004:

    To satisfy the hype we could say “the very next version of WordPress will have full multi-blog capabilities� and just hold off the next release until that was done, or we could continue to release progressive enhancements while multi-blog work carried on concurrently. The latter is what I’d rather do.

    So, will there be a multi-blog version of WordPress? It’s not risky to answer in the affirmative here. Just don’t look at it so much as a specific point on the map, but as an understanding that this feature will come to be when the right elements can be worked into the landscape.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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