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  • Hi,

    This plugin looks like it could be really useful, however I’m wondering if there is a simpler way to install this plugin on multiple sites but with the same documentation?

    The obvious way is to create the docs and export the settings, then manually import this in to ever site we need the docs on. Is there a quicker / better way? Could I somehow package this info with my own plugin and have that call the relevant function(s) to import the data? Or is it possible to have all the installed instanced pull the data from a central feed?


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  • Plugin Author mathieuhays


    Hi Phill,

    Sorry for the late reply! My notifications were going to an old email.

    I wouldn’t recommend relying on the current data structure as I’m currently undergoing a full rewrite of the plugin. I plan on going away from using a custom table and move everything to a custom post type. This will drastically improve the stability of the plugin and make it easier for me to maintain.

    Based on your issue, I’m considering adding an option to share a doc across a selection of sites. Since I don’t have a lot of experience with multisites, I’m going to have to dig deeper into this to be sure it’s possible.

    Thanks for reporting this use-case 😀


    No problem.

    I’ve no need for this as a multisite set-up but rather would like to offer my clients a set of FAQs / Documentation in their own WP installation (distinct client sites). Ideally I could deploy a xml file or similar with the plugin as I add it to a new site, and it would pickup the data as soon as the plugin is activated.

    Alternatively simply having the ability to export and import documentation from one site to another would be great. So for example we setup all the documentation on our own WP dev site, then export the data via the plugin. Then go to the clients WP admin and import the documentation data in to this site. And so on.

    This would mean we only need to create the documentation once > export it > Go to client site > Import.

    At the moment it seems we’d have to build the documentation from scratch on every site.


    Plugin Author mathieuhays


    Ah ok! I assumed you were referring to a multisite installation.

    Actually there’s already an export/import functionality on the plugin. You can find it under Simple Documentation > Import/Export. The export generates some kind of JSON blob that you can then paste in the import box of your new website.

    As I was double checking the functionality I noticed that there might be an issue when migrating documentation of type file. These are exported as URLs so if the website you’re exporting from refers to private URLs, your new website might not be able to properly link to those files.

    As I mentioned above, I’m in the process to move the data handling to post types. That means that the documentation is going to be exportable through the main WordPress export/import tool. Which also means that if you’re trying to automate the process of importing a set of documentation, you will be able to use wp-cli import command

    Hope that answers your question.

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