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  • 1. I’m not sure which WP version I’m using – which is best for a small business + Dell laptop w MS Vista?
    2. MS Web looks good – should I use it to instal WP? Does MSW serve better as an adjunct or alternative to WP?
    3. I had trouble downloading WP – I suspect many do – then found Microsoft allowed me to do it, with MySQL – also needed, apparently. WP didn’t instal fully (though MySQL did). Thoughts?
    4. How do I unzip WP source code into folder where your website will be located?
    5. Into which area of my PC should I upload WP? (I think with remote hosting one would direct instal to remote host.)
    6. When asked by MS web platform installer, which should I choose, (a) create a new DB or (b) use an existing one?
    7. Does this refer to using one’s own PC v. remote hosting? Which would you recommend and why?
    8. Using MS WPI, have you any guidance on completing “database username, DB password, DB server and DB name”? Do I muddle through using data I used to set up my simple WP blog site?

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    1. There is only one version of WordPress, the latest version. You have .com and .org, .org is when you host it yourself, .com is hosted by WordPress. Sounds like you are trying to install it on your laptop, so you will be using .org.
    2. Microsoft Web Platform works fine for me on my desktop when testing and developing.
    3. There is a Worpdress installer through WebMatrix. Try that.
    4. Look at this instead
    5. If you are running WordPress locally on your box, you would normally find a folder c:\intepub\wwwroot . This is where IIS looks by default for your website. Then open a browser and navigate to http://localhost/. You cannot upload to your local PC, that technically is not possible. If you want to upload your WordPress site to somewhere on the internet so that other people can go to it, you need a web hosting company to do that for you.
    6. Up to you, but by default you “create a new DB”
    7. ? Depends on what you want to do. If you are running it locally for testing and developing, PC. Remote hosting is when you want it available on the web at a domain name of your choice.
    8. Nope – totally up to you.

    It does sound like you are actually wanting to have your site accessible on the internet. Installing it on your PC is not the way to do it. Get a domain name, get someone to host it for you.

    Hope that all helps!

    Matty, thanks so much. I realised in the meantime I must get a domain name and arrange web hosting so your advise is great. I must check out the Flower Kings.
    Songdog, thanks too. I found great stuff where you directed.

    Oh hey, yeah if you’re into Prog Rock, you most definately should check out The Flower Kings! New album out this year, then going on tour. It’s going to be good.

    Meanwhile, back at, glad I could help,


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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