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    On activation I receive the following errors:
    Notice: Undefined index: pro in /Users/matt_pritchett/Documents/Sites/ on line 315

    Notice: Undefined index: retain_data in /Users/matt_pritchett/Documents/Sites/ on line 23

    Notice: Undefined index: shortcut_editing in /Users/matt_pritchett/Documents/Sites/ on line 37

    Notice: Undefined index: duplicate_check_override in /Users/matt_pritchett/Documents/Sites/ on line 61

    Notice: Undefined index: bot_field in /Users/matt_pritchett/Documents/Sites/ on line 72

    Notice: Undefined variable: pro in /Users/matt_pritchett/Documents/Sites/ on line 76

    Notice: Use of undefined constant UMM_MAX_USERS – assumed ‘UMM_MAX_USERS’ in /Users/matt_pritchett/Documents/Sites/ on line 128

    Notice: Undefined index: section_title in /Users/matt_pritchett/Documents/Sites/ on line 157

    Notice: Undefined index: html_before_register in /Users/matt_pritchett/Documents/Sites/ on line 174

    Notice: Undefined index: html_during_register in /Users/matt_pritchett/Documents/Sites/ on line 176

    Notice: Undefined index: html_after_register in /Users/matt_pritchett/Documents/Sites/ on line 178

    Notice: Undefined index: html_before_profile in /Users/matt_pritchett/Documents/Sites/ on line 183

    Notice: Undefined index: html_during_profile in /Users/matt_pritchett/Documents/Sites/ on line 185

    Notice: Undefined index: html_after_profile in /Users/matt_pritchett/Documents/Sites/ on line 187

    Notice: Undefined index: html_before_shortcode in /Users/matt_pritchett/Documents/Sites/ on line 192

    Notice: Undefined index: html_during_shortcode in /Users/matt_pritchett/Documents/Sites/ on line 194

    Notice: Undefined index: html_after_shortcode in /Users/matt_pritchett/Documents/Sites/ on line 196

    Notice: Undefined index: html_before_adduser in /Users/matt_pritchett/Documents/Sites/ on line 201

    Notice: Undefined index: html_during_adduser in /Users/matt_pritchett/Documents/Sites/ on line 203

    Notice: Undefined index: html_after_adduser in /Users/matt_pritchett/Documents/Sites/ on line 205
    User Meta Manager Help & Settings

    Notice: Undefined index: pro in /Users/matt_pritchett/Documents/Sites/ on line 315

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  • This is with 3.9.2 as well as Twenty Fourteen and no other plugins installed.

    Plugin Author President McCheese


    You’re running your site in debug mode, or your error reporting is strict.

    Turning off debug doesn’t mean this plugin isn’t broken or that this thread is resolved. The bugs exist whether or not they are being reported on your dashboard.

    Plugin Author President McCheese


    The plugin isn’t broken, and these are “Notices” not errors. I may clean up the code in the future when I have time, but as far as I am concerned, you’re nitpicking.

    As debug mode is highly recommended by the core team and Automattic for theme development, I don’t believe it is nitpicking to want to be able to install and activate a plugin without notices, errors, or anything else appearing on my dashboard. The plugin wouldn’t be accepted into the repository with these “notices” so why would it be alright if you let them remain on subsequent versions?

    Plugin Author President McCheese


    I’ll clean the notices up for the next version.

    Much appreciated! I do also fully realize that this is a free plugin and that you put in this work at the benefit of the community. So I apologize if I came across a little strong. 🙂 Thank you for your hard work.

    Plugin Author President McCheese


    I understand. I apologize also. I will release a new version soon.

    So any update on this, still getting the following error when trying to use:

    Notice: Undefined index: section_title in /home/jampar5/public_html/wp-content/plugins/user-meta-manager/user-meta-manager.php on line 1769

    I still get this error as well with the latest version.

    Why is this thread marked as “resolved” unless the author has confirmed it has been fixed? Has it??

    Plugin Author President McCheese


    Fixed in version 3.4.6.

    The topic was marked resolved after I fixed all the errors that I was aware of at the time. No one had reported any additional php notices before this topic was marked ‘resolved’ 7 months ago.

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