• I am completely stuck. I have built a new site using WordPress 4.7.2 . So far, everything is fine – moving old posts, articles/pages, plugins, etc. The trouble I am having seems to be the same trouble many have – an easy way to export all current users and user data/passwords and then import them into the new site. I have zero idea why this process is so elusive. It SHOULD be standard. I have about 27k users. I have tried to export the users via PHPMy Admin, and through the use of many (mostly cumbersome and not working) plugins like Cimy, Export WP users, etc. none have worked. A few things:

    1. The users in the old site had special fields pertaining to the LMS that was in place. The new site is stock – meaning those fields don’t exist. Not sure if that matters though.

    2. The old site was a much earlier version of MySQL and WordPress. not sure if that matters either.

    At the end of the day, I have spent hours upon hours trying pretty much everything I know to try- and reading every blog/how-to I can find. It should be as simple as exporting the old users database and importing the new one. No such luck. I’ll do anything to get this accomplished. please – please-please help me. I’m lost! Thank you so very much in advance!

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    The old site was a much earlier version of MySQL and WordPress. not sure if that matters either.

    This could be the issue.

    The database ( DB ) structure often changes between versions. The implication is that, for example, one cannot import a pre 4x database into a 4x install and expect it to work. You need to install your original version of WordPress, import your db dump and then start upgrading.

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    @t-p Thank you for the response! The trouble is, I already have the new site completely built on the new version of WP – with a completely different theme. So, from what you are saying, i need to update WP on the old site (or a clone of it on a staging server) incrementally, until it is to the current new site version, then move the theme/template over. Correct?

    Thank you!

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    Actually, I was just noticing, the versions are the same! So now what could be causing the inability to import?

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