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  • Resolved greglfb


    I cringe when people start trotting out wish lists for free plugins they’re lucky to have in the first place, but I’m going to be a complete hypocrite and trot one out because this plugin is just so very useful.

    (Apologies if this has already come up in earlier threads… the forum search is broken.)

    My one-item wish-list: A way of specifying multiple start and end dates in the same shortcode. (I’m thinking it would be handy to have, say, an out-of-office message appear every Easter weekend.)

    [time-restrict-multiple ontime=”2017,04,14 2018,03,30 2019,04,19 2020,04,10″ offtime=”2017,04,18 2018,04,03 2019,04,23 2020,04,14″]

    I realise it achieves nothing that couldn’t be done with the plugin as it stands, but it would make for a fair saving in repeated content if the out-of-office message needed to be lengthy. I expect delimiters might be a small issue but nothing insurmountable. Having said that, I appreciate it’s a tall and order, and cheeky with it! So apologies again, and thanks for a very very good plugin!

    Thanks for reading.

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  • Plugin Author Dave Clements


    Haha, breaking your own rules! I like it!

    As you say, this is something that can currently be achieved with the plugin as it is, so I’m not intending to put any effort into incorporating this unless people step in and indicate that it’s something they really want (this is your chance to speak up). More than anything, having an extra attribute would likely complicate matters rather than adding additional value to the plugin, but I appreciate your suggestion (and acknowledgement that it is a free plugin, maintained by a developer with limited time 🙂 )


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