• Used this plugin across my websites for a few years now without a problem

    However lately I seem to have started having issues where I go to my websites to check on progress and notice that the “share” + “follow” bars from Addthis have gone AWOL.

    Go into “Plugins” on wordpress to find the thing has somehow uninstalled itself and no longer in the list of installed plugins.

    I reinstall it, and when I activate it brings up an error page saying “The plugin does not have a valid header.”, sometimes it works by trying to activate it again through the installed plugins page…. on the most recent occasion the plugin went missing from the installed plugins again.

    Has support for lots of obscure social media websites I’ve never heard of, as well as the usual mainstream ones like Facebook / Twitter / Tumblr / YouTube, etc
    Starting to lack support for a number of growing upstart social networks such as:
    – GETTR
    – Gab
    – Parler
    – MeWe
    – Rumble
    – Truth Social
    – Bitchute

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