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    This is something that should’ve been basic.
    A Radio button to agree to terms. Simple.

    Instead you MUST NEED
    2. WP E-Signature (Ultimate, Business or Pro license)
    3. Stand Alone Document (included with the license above)
    Which is $249 per year.

    Also noticed at the time I created this message it was
    Last Updated: 4 months ago
    Requires WordPress Version: 3.3 or higher
    Compatible up to: 4.7.5

    Lacking on updates.

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    Thanks so much or your feedback! It’s so important for us to get feedback from customers because that is the only way we know how to improve our product.

    I totally agree that the functionality of the product is important and the easier to use the better! While a radio button with terms is simple and easy to use, it doesn’t have all of the benefits and compliance features of the legally binding document signing experience that we offer.

    Security is one of ApproveMe’s highest priorities and it should be your priority as well. With WP E-Signature all of your e-signed documents and online signature’s have tamper resistant technology and are encrypted/kept hidden in your database. Sometimes our (invisible) security features can make things seem a “little more confusing” than they need to be, but using our product is actually just as easy as using a terms button but with the added bonus of all the extra securities and legal requirements it includes. We are currently running a special on our Professional license at $177 bucks which would totally do the trick for you (we recently updated the accessibility of the plugin so it now works with other plans).

    However, if you require a less secure and more convenient terms button, this plug-in that the guys at EDD might have what you are looking for.

    Please let me know if you have any more concerns or questions and I am happy to help!

    Thanks again and I hope you have a great week!

    Haley 🙂
    Customer Happiness Engineer

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