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  • just trying to get to grips with all the options your plugin supports. it seems like a very comprehensive plugin.

    in setup page there is an option marked

    cache if mobile [tick] If the request is from a mobile device disable cache

    which is correct? the option name “cache if mobile” suggests ticking enables mobile caching but the comment “if the request is from a mobile device disable caching” infers the opposite that ticking disables mobile caching.

    can you also explain why would I want to disable caching for mobile devices?

    many thanks in advance,

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  • Plugin Author Hpatoio


    Hello, and thank you for using *our* plugin.

    You are right, messages are not very clear. Anyway here a short explanation.

    Nginx keeps only one version of page in the cache[1]. If your site has a “mobile version” that is served when a mobile device connect two things can happen:

    1) The page is cached and the cache was generated by a request from a desktop browser. In this case the user who get the desktop version of the site instead of the mobile one

    2) The page is not cached. In this case the user get the mobile version of the site and the mobile version also get stored in the cache thus when a desktop user connect, if the page is still cached, get the mobile version

    If you flag the checkbox when the backend send the response for a mobile request[2] set the HTTP header X-Accel-Expires to zero. In this way the response is not cached by NGINX

    I hope these few lines help. Feel free to ask more question


    [1] You can have multiple versions of the same page in the cache but you have to correctly set the the _cache_key_

    [2] To determinate if a request come from a mobile device the plugin use the regexp you set in the next input field

    Hi Hpatoio,

    That’s a very clear explanation thank you very much for your quick response 🙂

    great plugin

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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