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  • The plugin does not work for 3.0, So i was wondering if their is code out their that will let you make mini posts also known as asides

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  • A link to the plugin that doesn’t work would help others. Thanks.


    So is their any code out their that will replace the features of this plugin?


    I found that one, BUT I cant make the date display (how it shows the date beside the post) disappear and I am using this template:

    <div class="post" id="post-%post_id%">
    		%post_content% <a href="%comments_url%">(%comments_count%)</a>

    any suggestions?

    to better understand what I mean see me

    Well I added the Asides tag so the plugin author will see this thread.

    From other threads it seems the tags %post_date_regular% or %post_date% cause the date to display.

    a-kyle, if you’ve enabled AsideShip in AsideShop settings page, set up your template correctly and assigned the template to the category then AsideShop should work out of the box (both WordPress 3.0 and AsideShop 1.2).

    Please file your issues in AsideShop support forum in case you have troubles.

    I’m trying out AsideShop (1.2) under 3.0.1 and can’t get it to work. After I’ve defined my template, enabled a category for it, turned on AsideShop and made a new test post to the asides category, I still see nothing.

    How does the plugin know where to display its posts? I expected to see a widget to include in the theme, but there wasn’t any. The installation instructions don’t really mention to do anything more specific, but there’s got to be a shortcode or set of template tags to include. I tried dumping the template code into a ‘text’ widget, but that didn’t work either.

    I’m using a TwentyTen theme with no caching plugins enabled on the local instance that I’m testing this on.

    Looking at the PHP code a little bit, it looks like it makes use of filters on the_content. I have a custom filter of my own set up, but for the purposes of this testing, I disable the filter in case that conflicted. My main loop is still active and calls the_content just fine.

    The asides are displayed as bare bones posts (on whichever pages you select, like the home pages, archives, search results etc.), I’m not sure it is used to display asides within sidebar widgets?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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