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  • Hi. I’m using Kerli. When I add a new Page, it comes up as a new tab (just beneath the header) which is perfect for me. However, it also comes up in a list beneath the MENU on the right. Is there any way I can turn the MENU into a drop down so that, when a person hovers or clicks on the word “MENU” (on the right), the list will appear as a drop down instead of a fixed list? Thanks.

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    You may need to setup menu nav. please refer to kerli lite documentation

    Thanks. I’ve had a look at the link you kindly sent me but cannot see what it is I haven’t already done. I’ve even made a Test page and made the Home page as its Parent but still it shows in the list underneath “MENU” on the right (everything in the list under the MENU are all the same as the tabs underneath the Header).

    What I want to do is just have “MENU” on the right then a person hovers over it and that’s when the list appears (temporarily until they hover away). Is that possible please? Thanks.

    I’ve removed the MENU now. Couldn’t work out any alternative. In the meantime, the Tabs at the top only allow up to 3 subs. I created 8 pages but only 3 appear when hovering over the Parent Tab (and only 3 showed up in the MENU too which seemed to be a duplicate of the Tabs anyway). Is 3 the max in Kerli Lite? Thanks.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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