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  • I am currently using…instead trying to use Matala theme by Matt. But from the start i am having series(DAMN!) of problems,when i solve one, next is there, now the final problem is not getting over even after soooooooo long hectic, so THANK God i find you, can you please guide with the following 3 problem(s)

    1. I want to have picture gallery functionality like that of ,for this i created a catagory named “Gallery” and posted photos in it , i made another post same way ,but in both posts only the date of post as title is appearing ,not the “title” as in . How can i make appear “titles” as album titles instead of “dates”??????

    2. Although i have 2 albums, when i click on “view more albums” in any of the two posts, there appears a 404 page not found error. How i get rid of it?

    3. when i click on the “gallery” menu the the address URL appears in not “…/gallery” as have, instead there appears “…?cat=11” type URL. How can i get like yours or ‘s ???

    My blog is :

    Please you being the last resort, dont disappoint me:(

    Waiting Desperately for your words…

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  • First two problems are solved by changing permlinks

    But the first problem is still there, so now only one problem , HOW CAN I MAKE TITLES AS TITLES INSTEAD OF DATE AS TITLE in titles of gallery category post??s

    I’m so disapointed

    I downloaded it for my WP-blog and it doesn’t have any of the features that it shows here

    OK Menus but it works so and so… The bottom widget doesn’t work as it should

    I would like to be able to download the same version featured at .com also for .org!!!

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    The latest 1.5.7 version is a slightly modified copy of the one on .com. We’ll be uploading a newer version shortly which will sync a few more of the most recent changes.

    Hi otto, can you please highlight some of the major functional changes made to the matala theme?

    Now I’m soooo happy. Not that my Matala look like Matala but it has it’s base. Thanx!!!!

    Next Q how do I translate the theme? I want it in Swedish… Do I have to go through all files or can I use a language file? If I can translate through a file I could share the file with other Swedes.

    I customized the background for a friend’s blog but when we uploaded the theme, the menu strip doesn’t seem to be expanding like it should and the little ink circle selector is acting all wonky. Not appearing on pages other than the home page. The site I’m having issues with is If anyone can help, I would appreciate it. Thank you!

    I love this theme. I want to use it but I need to be able to put my social media widgets somewhere…does this beautiful theme allow for this?

    Stephanys: Your cusomheader looks cut of in my resolution 1900 wide. Otherwise it looks great and seems to be working fine now.

    BellerBaker: There are several widget areas for you to place your social media Widgets I have Twitter there for ex.

    HELP: I still don’t know how to translate the theme to Sully Swedish without having to hard code it in each file …

    I’m having trouble with the ‘bottom bits’ of the columns. Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong or where to look? I thought something was wrong with the bg-secondary-bottom.png/bg-primary-bottom.png, but the css looks ok to me.

    Any help much appreciated! Thanks!

    desibel: Did they work before you started to change background and top?
    And did you replace the top and Bg from the admin panel or through FTP?

    If you change it through the admin panel it will strip it too lok like yours. But if you replace the original images through FTP I think that might change your problem. Not sure where you went wrong though, this is just a guess from my side.

    @miss_ww: I replaced all files through ftp and i remember them being there before i replaced the images. It seems as if they’re only visible if the text in both columns is long enough, so they’re back now! Thanks though!



    Matala Template – Can anyone point me in the direction of removing the borders from images on Pages? Cheers.

    Hi, total newbie.. I have a question, I have the matala theme thru and I am happy with everything except when you change the background it just becomes white squares. Can I design a background on photoshop which has the torn edge look and if what is the best dimensions (pixels) so I can redesign the top atleast?

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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