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  • Hi Dave, sorry to ask but i struggle with the shortcode for Show/Hide Content….

    i try to set the shortcode for opening and closing times of a friendĀ“s pizzeria….
    in the past every day was the same open from 11:00 until 23:00

    i used the shortcode:
    [time-restrict-repeat type=”daily” ontime=”11:00:00″ offtime=”23:00:00″] OPEN IMAGE [/time-restrict-repeat]
    [time-restrict-repeat type=”daily” ontime=”23:00:00″ offtime=”11:00:00″] CLOSE IMAGE [/time-restrict-repeat]

    But he wants to change te times…
    monday until thursday open 11:00 until 15:00 close from 15:00 until 17:00 reopen from 17:00 until 22:00 and close from 22:00 until 11:00

    and fryday until sunday open from 11:00 until 22:00 closed fromm 22:00 until 11:00 ….

    how many shortcodes i have to make?

    Please help me


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  • I try this but does it work:

    [time-restrict-repeat type=”weekly” onday=”Monday” offday=”Thursday” ontime=”11:00:00″ offtime=”15:00:00″] OPEN IMAGE [/time-restrict-repeat]
    [time-restrict-repeat type=”weekly” onday=”Monday” offday=”Thursday” ontime=”15:00:00″ offtime=”17:00:00″] CLOSE IMAGE [/time-restrict-repeat]
    [time-restrict-repeat type=”weekly” onday=”Monday” offday=”Thursday” ontime=”17:00:00″ offtime=”22:15:00″] OPEN IMAGE [/time-restrict-repeat]
    [time-restrict-repeat type=”weekly” onday=”Monday” offday=”Friday” ontime=”22:15:00″ offtime=”11:00:00″] CLOSE IMAGE [/time-restrict-repeat]
    [time-restrict-repeat type=”weekly” onday=”Friday” offday=”Sunday” ontime=”11:00:00″ offtime=”22:15:00″] OPEN IMAGE [/time-restrict-repeat]
    [time-restrict-repeat type=”weekly” onday=”Friday” offday=”Monday” ontime=”22:15:00″ offtime=”22:15:00″] CLOSE IMAGE [/time-restrict-repeat]

    Plugin Author Dave Clements


    You would need to combine shortcodes for each instance. For example, your first condition: Monday-Thursday, 11-3

    [time-restrict-repeat type="weekly" onday="Monday" offday="Thursday"]
    [time-restrict-repeat-2 type="daily" ontime="11:00:00" offtime="15:00:00"]

    Repeat with modified days and times for all subsequent conditions.

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