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  • Does anyone know of a good Mac OS X program for posting/editing to WordPress? NetNewsWire is often mentioned, but I could never get it to see WP categories, and now especially not multiple categories. Kung-Log is also mentioned a lot, but it is unavailable while the developer re-writes it as a new program. Any other suggestions?

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  • I used iBlog a few times a year or so ago.

    Damn, Kung-Log is gone for the time being? I should have kept a backup copy myself. Well, there’s a new solution called BlogWorks at this place:
    Haven’t checked it myself yet, but will later on.

    BlogWorks is OK, but it didn’t blow my skirt up or anything. And it doesn’t support multiple categories.

    *blow my skirt up* Sorry…nothing useful here, but that cracked me up.

    Kung-Log is now called ecto
    If anyone is using it successfully to post to a WP blog, let me know! 🙂

    BlogWorks did’nt post the title !
    iBlog did’nt work with recent WP releases : lot of XMLRPC error messages
    Kung-Log can post, but not editing previous posts… but I did’nt try the new “ecto” version
    I’m steel seeking for a good Mav blogging App 😕

    Mister X, I tried to use ecto’s latest version but I got an error:
    {blogid = 1; password = ******; username = xxxx; }
    “/FaultCode” = 1;
    “/FaultString” = “Unknown method”;
    “/kWSHTTPResponseMessage” = <NSCFType: 0x1ce1c00>;
    “/kWSResultIsFault” = 1;
    when I try to make an attempt to refresh Categories. I don’t know if it’s my side of problem or WP’s or ecto’s. I’d love it to hear if there’s any solution to this because I’m a Mac user.
    Also, when I try to go to /xmlrpc.php page and I got this error:
    faultCode 103 faultString XML error: no element found at line 1
    I don’t know what that means. Hopefully, somebody can answer.

    It would be nice if ecto told you which method it was trying to call.
    Could you try something for me? Edit xmlrpc.php and turn logging on ($xmlrpc_logging = 1;). You’ll need to make sure that your web server has permissions to write to the file “xmlrpc.log”. Then recreate the problem, and get the resulting log file to me (make sure that your password isn’t in the log first).

    I got in touch with the ecto developer, and based on his notes (plus my own observations once I started digging back into the code), I’ve fixed a whole slew of bugs in the WordPress XML-RPC support.
    Also, LaughingLizard let me remote control his Mac for a little while, so I was able to install ecto and give it a quick test. Things seemed to work fine for posting and editing.
    Matt has posted a new nightly with the changes. Give it a whirl and let me know how it works for you!

    I just downloaded Ecto for OS10.2.8 and checked it.
    Since the server refuses the access to the nightly build (it says Banned MIME Type: application/zip etc.), I simply replaced xmlrpc.php from CVS, the only file that was changed recently.
    And … looks like it can’t treat categories AT ALL : they just choose one (and only one) which have nothing to do with those selected.
    Then I used MetaWeblog API : doesn’t work at all. with older version of xmlrpc is no use.
    I’ll go back to 1.0.4 for a while.
    Hope someone has a good news about it…

    It is supposed to work with the Movable Type API – and it does, except for categories. I don’t think this is an ecto problem, because I’ve been using ecto for a long time with both Nucleus and MT without any problem. I think that there is a bug in the XMLRPC code used in the latest nightly build of WordPress.

    Adriaan (the ecto developer) informed me about the category problems yesterday, and I was able to track them down and fix them. I commited more fixes to xmlrpc.php this morning.
    I still have some timestamp issues to work out, but the primary ecto issues should be ironed out now.

    Great! I’ll try the nightly build tomorrow.

    I wanted to say I d/l’ed version and works well! I upgraded to WP 1.0.2. I’m grateful for this. I’m glad there’s a developer who thinks of people who are on both 10.2 and 10.3. Keep it up.

    The latest nightly build fixes the category bug with ecto, but introduces (?) a new one. Now, when posting from ecto, posts are not properly assigned a “post slug”, which means that if you are using permalinks for postname, they have no permalink!!! I have to go into the edit menu and add the post slugs manually after posting from ecto.

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