• I’ve had this plugin in my WP blog for years. Thank you so much for developing it, and keeping it up to date! This plugin is so helpful in what I do, it would be hard to imagine my site without it. Thank you again!…helen

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  • Hello bassicsax, are you still using this? I have a couple questions:

    #1. It seems that my readers can only upload one photo. I would like them to be able to upload
    multiple photos. Or actually, maybe just (2) when posting.

    #2. Also, this plugin allows ALL readers to upload photos. Do you know of any way to limit certain
    people, or grant “access”? Meaning………I would like ALL people to be able to post a comment, yes.
    BUT……………I only want a SOME people to be able to upload pics. How can I grant permission, or authorize certain readers?

    Thank you

    P Panther

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