• I even could not find where it is working or where to edit it after installation and activation. poor documentation ….

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    Hi, thanks for trying out the plugin.

    Could you please check the instructions under https://wordpress.org/plugins/automatic-copyright-year/, specifically under Details tab (see also the screenshot for how to use it) and then under Installation (point 3 on how to use it).

    Based on these, could you let me know which part of the information seems to be still missing, would be helpful to improve the documentation.


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    hey , thanks for your response,

    the problem is that i couldn’t find where to go after installation & activation. meaning could not find that screen shoot you have attached .

    i looked into wordpress widget section and custom section, but i no where to edit foot-bottom copyright section.

    could you please help me with this .


    Plugin Author Miina Sikk



    Note that this plugin can be used with existing text widgets but it does not add a separate custom widget.

    The screenshot is taken using the plugin with the most common existing Text widget.

    The location where the widget is shown on your site depends on the Theme — this plugin has no control over where any widget is displayed.

    For example, if you add a Text widget to the sidebar, then it will be displayed in the sidebar, if to the footer, then in the footer — the available places where a widget can be used depends on the Theme you’re using on your site.

    What you can do:
    1. Go to the Widgets page (yoursite.com/wp-admin/widgets.php)
    1. Choose the default Text widget and move it to the area provided by the Theme (e.g. Footer)
    2. Add the Automatic copyright text inside.

    Let me know if that makes it more clear.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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