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  • The Canvas team is looking for a few brilliant developers to help take the interface and the backend to the next level. Thus far, Canvas has been developed by just two guys (Karsten and I), and while I think we’ve come far, we’re not all that experienced in the ways of advanced PHP (heck, this started as an experimental side-project).

    Thus far, Canvas has required theme authors to develop specific Canvas-compatible themes, but with the beta 1.1.5 we’ve been working with, that’s no longer the case. Any theme will do. We’re still working out the bugs, though, and that’s where I could use some expert help.

    So, if you’ve got a few hours a week to spare and are looking to help us make WordPress a bit easier for your fellow bloggers, drop me a line. You can email me using my nickname at freshpursuits dot com.

    Spread the word. WordPress is it!

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