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    Good morning, I have this plug-in installed, but I have a question on the main page I have various information up to video, but I have some tabs where one of them I want to place or open the login form to enter that area when I select it private. Please, I have tried various means and I don’t know what to do to achieve this. Could you help me?

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  • Hi,

    Thank you for reaching out to us. Please know our plugin works on the default login page of the WordPress website.

    It would be great if you could be more clear, on what page the videos are sitting on. Is it on the login page? So we can understand, how you intend to use our plugin for customizing the login page.

    Looking forward!

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    Good morning, I think I didn’t know how to explain myself in this link:


    It is a test page, there are two tabs, in the tab that says “Calendar” I want it to exit at once when I click it and ask for the username and password, since I want to make it a private area. I have the Login Customizer plugin. Thank you.

    Hi @gglenda122,

    You are requested to know that our plugin functions on the default login page of WordPress website. Upon checking your link sent and seeing the 2 tabs, you need to know that the plugin won’t work for you. Since the functionality you require is custom requirement.

    You should connect with your developer on this.


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    Good morning, according to your comment it is not possible, but I have a part of the menu that when clicked immediately asks for username and password, but the truth is that this was done when I saw the page, and in this tab I have not been able to do it. for example is; aw.edu.ve and go to the Noticias Inicio section, click there and immediately ask for login information. Thank you

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    Hey gglenda122,

    Please know our plugin works on the default login page i.e. /wp-login.php and customizes only login page of the WordPress website.

    The functionality to show the content based on login or logged out was a custom functionality which is not possible with Login Customizer.

    You have to implement a custom functionality for this one here.

    Have a nice day!

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    Good morning, friend Muhammad Arslan (@wparslan), from what I understand you tell me that it only works on the home page. But if they enter home-events, they ask me for a password, and it works perfectly then because I can’t do it where I tell them: they go down further down in the calendar tab, I want when they click on the Calendar tab it immediately asks me for the username and password, then That’s why it showed me the content. If you do it above, why can’t I do it in the Calendar tab? And if it is possible, can you tell me how to do it? website: aw.edu.ve. Thank you

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    Plugin Support Emma


    Hey @gglenda122,

    So sorry but we can’t help you as the feature you requested is out of the plugin’s functionality.

    You can contact the plugin support team with which you have set the restriction on the Events page.

    Hope you understand!

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