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    I’ve been trying to find a way to export my security logs on a regular basis. So far I’ve only found old threads from years ago, I’ve not been able to find the functionality I’m looking for in the Plugin itself or any other plugins. I even associated all my accounts to a WordFence Central account hoping the functionality I was looking for would be there but it appears not. Any updates on this, is there anything I’m overlooking?

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    Hi @ecsio

    You can’t export any logs from the Wordfence plugin. All you can do is to setup email alerts and also send an activity report.

    For Wordfence Central you can also setup alerts to be sent to an email, phone or Slack and you can also have a daily digest sent.

    We have had many feature requests for exporting data so you may see this in the future but we have no time schedule for this.

    This really needs to be implemented. I can’t imagine it would be difficult. Just let us export the log data so we can easily submit abuse reports. It’s bad enough I have to deal with terrible responses from abuse report teams, now I can’t even provide the full scope of data they’re asking for? Cool, super helpful.



    I agree with tf5_bassist. I got alerts from Wordfence about people trying to access my website and I was trying to send this information to the abuse report teams such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). Unfortunately, they turned down my request to even investigate because I couldn’t provide them the logs that they were asking for. The information contained in the Wordfence email alert was not enough.

    Can we get a timeline on when they may add an ability to let us at least even look at the logs if we cannot export the file? At least then I can copy and paste the logs manually as long as the logs themselves are visible…


    I second this. This is VERY IMPORTANT!

    Until then, there seems to be an export possibility, not maintained by the developers but by community members. Nevertheless, this link comes from one of the plugin developers:


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