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  • Since installing the Tinymce ‘upgrade’, I can no longer select a link, click on it in order to retrieve/copy the url. In fact the entire interface has changed (for the worse).

    Now it comes with an alleged search option but it doesn’t show the actual url, instead you get a bunch of file names, so unless you know the name the of the file, it’s hit and miss.

    What was wrong with the way it used to be configured? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. What is wrong with programmers, they’re always fiddling with stuff but we, the users, search in vain for any improvement made and as with this case, a totally unnecessary ‘improvement’. All it’s done is made my job take more time to do.

    PS: I’ve fiddled around with the settings in tinymce but it made no difference short of turning it off.

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  • PPS: I turned off tiniymce advanced and it makes no difference, except I have less menu options, but you still get the same awful interface and you still can’t click on the link button when a link is highlighted in the text. Disastrous!

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