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  • I know that you’re getting tired of me, but I’ve yet to receive an answer as to whether or not links will have comments. It’s a vital feature for me, and one that might make me choose between WordPress or an alternate blog-app 🙁

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  • Moderator Matt Mullenweg



    Link comments are not in .72.

    Will they be in .73?
    Reason is that I use the links like a madman, and my users are constantly begging me to let them comment on them 🙁

    How about if you added a “Links” category to your blog, then at the bottom of your blogroll, add a “Comment on these links” link that goes to your special category? Then whenever you add a new link, also make a regular blog post in your Links category, and people can use that for comments.

    That would be doable, but it’s sort of an inverse solution, and I have a tendency to run through links fast, and I would like the comments to follow the links.

    Is there a way to show a particular category INSTEAD of a blogroll?

    In the main blog, you’d show everything EXCEPT links, unless the “links” category is specifically requested.

    Then, in the sidebar, just show a list of all the titles of posts that are in the “links” category, along with a little box or something to click on to go to the permalink for that post.

    Anyone out there know how something like that might be accomplished?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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