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    Sorry if a dumb question, but how do you implement Likert-type responses for items?
    Search of support for Likert has no results.
    I would like to have a 5 point scale.

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    I think I got it working. I see a few non-intuitive things that I will let others know.

    You have to save the draft between making modifications to the questions, answers, scales, or results.
    You create answers of named 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, under the parent type Likert5.
    You enter these answers in the Edit Q&A dialog, with corresponding values (or in the case of reverse scored items, inverted values i.e. checking box 1 enters value of 5, box 2 enters value of 4, etc.) So now you see how the Quick Fill works.
    You must create results with names that duplicate the scale names.
    You must click on the formula buttons instead of trying to type in the formula directly.
    You cannot enter computation in the formula, as / 6 to divide the sum by six.
    Any other tips?

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    Closed as fixed now.

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