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[Resolved] Lightbox…need help

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  • but it doesn’t transition as the demo shows

    How does it transition? Or does it just ‘show up’ in the top-left corner of a new page?

    When an image is clicked, it opens…dark background, polaroid looking image as it should, but there is not prev or next and there is no transition, it just opens and closes. The plugin that I installed from jei.afraid is different from the one at huddletogether. there are way more files in the latter.

    So..it seems the wp plugin is way lighter than what is offered at the huddletogether site. I’m no pro, this is why I’m asking what likely seems to be a silly question. The wp plugin seems to be the necessary js files to get the basic effect of the lightbox and the other seems to be more of a “full” version. Without playing for hours and guessing, I’m just not all that sure of how to get the one from huddletogether setup as I prefer the way that one works.

    If you want to see what I’m talking about, just get the wp plugin and install it, I guess that would be easiest. http://jei.afraid.org/wordpress/index.php/2006/04/08/wordpress-lightbox-and-image-manager-plugins/

    TBH, I’m not even sure “which” lightbox to use, there seems to be a bunch of different ones out there.

    I use Lightbox 2.0 Plugin. Only issue I had was I needed to manually enter the path (to the plugin) to get it to work.

    I have no idea if that one would satisfy your needs…

    I recomment this one, because it’s the one with the smallest filesize and takes the least loading time. To use the next / prev option, just remember to add rel=”lightbox[setname]” to the a tag.

    Search for ‘Thickbox’ on the internet. It’s smaller than Lightbox and can include pages as well. I’m using it on my blog plus within my gallery (Plogger).


    I couldn’t get Thickbox, OR the LightBox plugin to work.

    it works when I “activate” it, but then when I close the browser window, and reopen it again, it no longer works, and won’t work for my users at all,

    so I don’t know how you guys got either one of these plugins to work 🙁

    am using WP 2.0.3

    I mean,

    this one


    was the one I had problems with.. it works when I actiave it, but then if I close my browser window, and reopen it again, the plugin no longer works even though its still activated. I then have to go back into wp-admin and ‘deactivate’ then ‘reactivate’ the plugin to get it working again 🙁 and it don’t work for my users at all, unless each user had access to deactivate then reactivate that plugin, its a real pain, don’t like it at all, and I wish someone would create a more stable plugin that works with WP 2

    I use Lightbox 2.0 Plugin. Only issue I had was I needed to manually enter the path (to the plugin) to get it to work.

    the instructions say, put the plugin in wp-content/plugins, then activate, and THATS IT,

    so I am confused as to what you mean by “needing to manually enter the path to the plugin”

    manually enter it WHERE?? in the template? because all the instructions say to do is put it in plugins and activate (shrugs)

    I use the Lightbox 2.0 Plugin. For some reason, when I enter “http://fool45.com,” it doesn’t work. But when I go to “http://WWW.fool45.com” (same site), it works?

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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