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    Hi ziggynerja1,

    I’m not entirely sure I see what you’re describing above. When I view it on Firefox 17, the page looks fine to me.

    I also tried it on Chrome and Safari, and I saw that the footer seems to be misbehaving (not honoring the body content before trying to render itself).

    That appears to be a theme issue. You can prove this by temporarily switching themes to something like TwentyTen or similar default theme, where you will notice the content behaves as expected.

    My suggestion would be to either contact the theme developer and have them take a look, or try your hand at some template customization to “fix” this issue for this page using the suggestions here:

    The theme I’m currently using is Twenty Eleven. I should have probably mentioned that the plugin was working perfectly before the last update!

    The listings are also shifted up, look as if its not picking up any content inside the container at all.

    I would really prefer to not have to re-install the entire plugin. All other pages seem to work fine.

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    Hi ziggynerja1,

    So if that theme is TwentyEleven, it should be fine. But looking at your version, it seems you may have customized it a bit, so it’s possible there’s something off. Let’s see if we can figure out what went wrong.

    Installing the plugin again won’t fix this particular issue. Let me ask a couple of other questions:

    – How much did you customize your theme?
    – Have you used the custom templates for BD at all?
    – Have you made any other customization to BD? (CSS, PHP, anything)
    – What else changed at the time you updated BD? Anything else?

    I’ve customized it quiet heavily, a majority of my wordpress PHP files have been customized.

    I haven’t tried any of the custom templates for BD, no.

    I had made some changes to some of the BD files, just align some of the areas very slightly.

    There is one other problem I have, which is seen once I make a search:

    the huge gap above the search results.

    Sorry I’m not able to give you more specific information regarding the files I’ve edited.

    Thank you very much!

    I’m still trying to figure out the layout issues, I cant figure it out.

    I have another quick question! I want to add another page with a whole different set/type of listings. I plan to keep them separate from the current listings I have created. Is there a way I can create another search widget with maybe a different layout, which will search through only 2 specific categories?

    Ok I’ve just noticed that the layout is displaying correctly after switching to Twenty Ten, only Twenty Eleven is getting problems, which files should I edit?

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    Hi ziggynerja1,

    So, since it works on TwentyTen (stock), my guess is that the customizations you mention here:

    I’ve customized it quiet heavily, a majority of my wordpress PHP files have been customized.

    Probably have caused the layout issues. I would carefully check your HTML and PHP on that particular template page from the theme. There is probably some subtle error on there. Check for misplaced div’s or unclosed tags. That’s probably the cause. You can prove that the customizations are the source by using an unmodified copy of TwentyEleven, and I bet that it will work fine.

    The category behavior you’re asking for can be done–use the shortcodes outlined here:

    There’s a code to display a specific category.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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