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  • Hi everyone,

    Even though I have installed the French WordPress, I get bits of English here and there and it is unprofessional.

    I have a very simple question which I have not been able to find a good answer on for some time:

    How do you target specific HTML text within you site in order to translate it to another language. For instance, in the page below, I want to switch ‘Search’ for ‘Recherche’ in my top search box.

    Click here to access the reference site

    This is a skill I find I must master if I am going to be serious about creating sites in other languages than English. I am familiar with Firefox and have a good basic knowledge of PHP.

    The one who is going to give me a definite answer on this will make my day.

    Anxiously waiting,

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  • This is usually handled by your theme. What theme are you using and where did you download it from?

    D5 Socialia downloaded from the WordPress admin interface.


    Why did you close my other topic (Best solution for multilingual sites with WordPress) which is different from this one?

    • Here I want to know where to go in the code to find what I need in order to translate specific words or text.
    • The other post is about finding a plugin that fully translates any wordpress sites, ideally free but would be willing to pay for it.

    Maybe there is something about forum rules I do not understand. Would you care to briefly explain if that is the case?


    Please post in for question regarding the D5 Socialia theme.

    Why did you close my other topic

    Did you go and read the second link in my post?

    Ok, I understand what I need to do for this post. Thanks.

    About the other post, I am looking for a multilingual plugin which I could fork about $100 out for if necessary.

    Do I need to consult firms about that? Isn’t there a multilingual plugin which comes highly recommended instead?

    What solution do worpdress designers mainly go for when building professional looking multilingual sites?


    We do not support any commercial products here – only the free plugins available from

    Ok, thanks. I guess I’m on the wrong forum.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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