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  • Missing some basic UX features.

    For example, because the captcha appears below the comment form, it is easy to miss. It should be under the comment field but before the submit button. The submit button typically designates the end of a form. Anything after that button shouldn’t impact form submission.

    However, that UX issue wouldn’t be such a big deal if the form didn’t CLEAR on validation. If I type my comment and then submit the form without checking the captcha, then I lose my comment.

    And lastly, I cannot style my error message. I should be able to wrap it in a paragraph tag with a class or add inline styles. I’ve worked around the issue by adding a span tag and calling that from a stylesheet, but I really shouldn’t have to do that. If WP or another plugin decides to add a span tag to the comment form later on, then my styles will apply to that as well and mess up the form.

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